Introducing Rajendra Shrestha, who has five years of invaluable experience in Material Recovery Facility (MRF), providing assistance in baling at CREASION’s Regional Headquarter in Chitwan for the Recycler Saathi project. He is an expert in his field of work as he has been contributing in this sector towards environment and sustainability with utmost dedication for a while now.

Aaditya Jha

My journey with VFC has been profoundly transformative, leaving an indelible mark on my personal and personality development. Being part of VFC exposed me to continuous learning and skill development, fostering personal growth and enhancing my professionalism. The support, camaraderie, and enriching experiences within VFC, orchestrated by the incredible team at Creasion, have truly made this a remarkable and unforgettable chapter of my life. Most importantly, VFC introduced me to people who now hold a special place in my heart. Above all, the connections I've forged—the friends who have become family—stand as the true treasure.

Pratima Ojha

During my time of volunteer I have gained knowledge regarding plastics and facilitated sessions regarding 'Know your Plastics' in different schools.I have also gained knowledge regarding different types of wastes and the procedure to conduct waste audit. VFC has given me exposure to programs such as Youth Dialogue and workshop that has shaped me to be a better person everyday.

Jharana Nyaupane

In my journey as a volunteer,I had the opportunity to work closely with the team who are very welcoming from beginning, where I was provided guidance and support to learn and embrace myself which helps me to gain confidence and know my strengths. I'm content with lots of memories from different programs like dashian party, cycle yatra, environment day, IYD, RiPL project workshop, etc and I'm really grateful for the chance to be part of such an inspiring organization and lovey people to share this special bond.

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